USS Strikes 2018
USS Strikes 2018

Industrial action is taking place at 64 Universities across the UK. Academics and supporting staff are defending their right to a fair pension against a backdrop of the marketisation of Higher Education.

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Bristol On Strike

Bristol On Strike

After negotiations between the Universities and Colleges Union and UUK failed, in February and March 2018 staff and students took the only course of action available to them. In support of the the 14 day strike they marched, picketed and occupied University of Bristol.

Immerse yourself in a 360 VR experience of that industrial action using a smartphone and a Cardboard headset, move your iPad around you to open up a window on the world of the strike, or simply scroll around in a modern browser on a computer.

Currently some issues with Chrome m65 motion sensors on some models of Android phones, scrolling with finger should work fine (fixed in next Chrome update). Please let us know how it works for you.

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